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Hi, I'm Michael Ayers

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Mayoral candidate Michael Ayers is a longtime Martinez resident who comes with dynamic life experiences and an eagerness to make a difference.

With an inclination to fix nearly anything presented to him, he brings his action-taking mentality to serve our community.

After raising his now adult children in Martinez and volunteering thousands of hours to youth sports programs, he is dedicated to ensuring a better future for the children in Martinez. 


My campaign message is simple – I am a concerned resident with a vision of a revitalized hometown community that is thriving and safe.

Crime and homelessness must be addressed to preserve our city for future generations. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I know that our elected officials are not getting it done.

I want the citizens of Martinez to know that I care. I care about them; I care about this city, and I care about their concerns and issues. As a long-time resident, I want Martinez to be a safe and prosperous community where future generations can raise their families.


Transparency in local government.

I am opening up all meetings for discussion and observation.

We have an opening for a police chief, yet the public does not see the shortlist of candidates being considered for the role so that we can express concerns to our district council members.

Residents must be provided with potential candidates and the ability to provide feedback/concerns or endorsement for public roles.

Our community needs safe streets, parks, and neighborhoods. Restore the amphitheater to what it was intended for – family events, performances, and concerts.

Take action on the homeless situation. My goal is to approach homelessness with compassion; not enable it.

Increase the number of police officers in Martinez to improve public safety, reduce crime and restore resident confidence in law enforcement.

Provide much-needed support to the public works department to help them maintain all city assets and neighborhoods.
It is a priority to collaborate with the residents, listen to their concerns and issues, and discuss solutions. I want to work as a team with the people and look forward to the opportunity to serve the community.
Vote and join Team Ayers!

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